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He gave him a running ball on his turf

He gave him a running ball on his turf

A sight that corresponds to sport and cheer: The man who took the ball home first rejoiced, then realized that someone else had to take it home.

When you’re young, encouraging your idols can have important emotional consequences in the face of unexpected and much-needed gestures. In the United States, a video of a boy standing in the stands of Rogers Center has gone viral Toronto During a baseball match between the hosts blue jays Which New York Yankees. The young Yankees fan wears a Big Apple hat and wears his favorite jersey, Aaron Judge. The sports report tells of what happens on the field in the sixth inning: the judge hits the ball violently and accurately, realizing home run Which makes the score 1-1.

Little things compared to what happens after the ball crosses the diamond boundary and ends up in the stands, witnessing the classic spectacle of those trying to collect it first, making it a precious relic that must be jealously preserved. The ball lands in the hands of a Blue Jays fan, whose initial reaction is what one might expect: an explosion of delight with his arms outstretched. But it lasts for a moment: it’s time to turn around to display the cup and see her arms outstretched and hope for him.

Give it to me please‘, is an invisible cartoon above the Yankees fan extending his arms toward the man with the ball. It doesn’t seem right that she landed one step away from him, and was sent there straight by his idol. Blue. Jeez doesn’t think for a moment: he realizes there’s someone Else should take this ball home. He reaches out and gives it to the young man in the New York hat, who can’t stand the emotion and throws himself crying into the arms of someone who was a complete stranger a moment ago.Who, like him, went to a baseball game. A touching spectacle, to which all the audience applauded, explaining well what sport and cheerleading are in their purest sense.

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