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Panathlon welcomes three new members to the Partnership – PORDENONEOGGI.IT


PORDENONE – On January 25, in the meeting room of Hotel Santin, the PANATHLON Club Pordenone opens the doors to the new social year by welcoming three new members: Manuela Scocato as mountain hiking representative, Luca Gravina for martial arts and Fiorenzo Poiatti as cycling (MTB).

All of the new members have a great history in the world of sports, those who have gone from horseback riding to road racing and mountain walking, those who started with soccer and reached crowns in fighting at a professional level and then dedicate themselves to Jiujitsu, and finally those who passed on from tennis. And swimming, he pedaled on his mountain bike in the world of competition. All fans of the world of sports and above all holders of the standards of ethical values ​​of sport and the founding principles of the partnership.

The guest of honor for the evening, Sergio Dafoe, an Italian “adventurer”, starts from the port of Palermo, and goes through international waters to the point of crossing the ocean on a rubber dinghy. During the evening, Dafoe, holder of some world records, showed the audience photos of the adventures that made him known internationally, and wowed diners with stories of the most notable moments.

Palermo-Amsterdam 2010: This is the first crossing accomplished by Commander Sergio Dafoe. 3,000 miles in 40 days of cruising in the middle of winter […] To bring back the story of the homecoming of Admiral Michel de Ruyter who fell in 1670 at the Battle of Augsburg.

Mission Nordkapp RIB 2012: From Palermo to the North Cape, it crawls the coasts of Algeria, Tunisia, Spain, Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Denmark to Norway. Over 4,083 nautical miles, 52 days, 216 hours of navigation, 9,100 liters of fuel on board a BWA boat of just over 8 meters in length and two 150hp Suzuki engines.

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Atlantic Crossing RIB 2015: Palermo to Rio de Janeiro […]. To cross the Atlantic Ocean on a 9-meter boat and travel 6,000 nautical miles in 300 hours of navigation.

The dream was left incomplete due to a crash, prompting the captain to try again in the 2017 Ocean RIB Trial (Palermo – Recife).

Ice RIB Challenge 2019: From Palermo to New York, passing through the Balearic Islands, Portugal, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Canada; Total 6,270 nautical miles and 330 hours of navigation.
Ocean to Ocean RIB Adventure 2021-22: Palermo-Los Angeles, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Pacific Ocean (crossing the Atlantic).

“Totaling 9,201.80 nautical miles and 519 hours and 32 minutes sailing alone, […] And the sea conditions are not always favourable, at 1pm local time (10.00pm in Italy) with the landing in Los Angeles at Port San Pedro I can finally declare the Ocean to Ocean RiB Adventure over! “

Davì is known in Pordenone as having participated several times in the European Gommonata (From Pordenone to the Sea) organized by the Pordenone Gommonauti Association.


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