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He ends up in prison in Ruca

He ends up in prison in Ruca

The State Police has arrested a 72-year-old Italian citizen in implementation of a prison order issued by the judiciary to carry out a sentence of almost two years imprisonment, imposed for the offenses of aggravated fraud and person substitution. The man was arrested in the city during an examination in a receptive institution and imprisoned in Rocca to atone for the punishment.

The detention order is the result of a backlog of two convictions in connection with events that occurred in 2014 in the provinces of Forlì and Salerno. The Forli case relates to fraud committed against certain persons who have resorted to this subject in order to recover from their unemployment status; The man pretended to be an official of an important national oil company, and was able to get about 600 euros by each ambitious employee, recruited with advertisements, under the pretext of paying sums he said were necessary as a deposit for a license thanks to which it was then possible to receive important subcontract work on The spot through his influential position in the multinational company.

On the other hand, the Salerno case relates to negotiations for the sale of a property for a farm house, where the arrested person was qualified as an intermediary on behalf of an important company in the Republic of San Marino, until he got to the point of making an appointment with the seller. At the notary’s office in Milan, meanwhile, about six thousand euros were handed over to the mediation activity; Obviously, no one came to the notary’s office to formalize the sales agreement with the seller. In this case, the person in question used false identity documents belonging to a deceased person.

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The man is also known to the police for other crimes against property, among which are the most common frauds, for example, fictitious renting of property without the knowledge of the owners, receiving deposits without completing the process, or, in general, simulating the personality of a broker in business of various kinds, and was able to receive Funds by so-called brokerage business, and not to disdain even petty crimes such as insolvency in payment of hotel installments or vehicle misappropriation.