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Autogrill, the dramatic news: this is how it closes | I don’t have a job to work

Autogrills provides an essential service in the transportation and travel network. They provide support and refreshment to the millions of motorists and transportation workers who travel at any time of the day (and night) on our highways, to work, to supply goods to businesses and businesses, and for a variety of reasons. However, they are also at great risk, like thousands of companies, also and above all due to the financial crisis and high bills.

With electricity and gas bills quadrupling in many cases compared to last year’s bills in the same period, it’s clear that if we’re all really in trouble, a restaurant on the highway has to – by its very nature of the type of activity to carry out – stay open 24 hours a day. 24/7 with lights, air conditioning/heating and kitchen always on, lead a life that isn’t hard…so hard. And staying open without the accounts ending up in the red seems really impossible.

We have already documented the history of closing a historic restaurant on the motorway in the Sicilian hinterland, a land already in difficulty with regard to roads, motorways and service areas, but now it is the turn of a new victim.

This time it was your turnPisanova AutogrillWhich is closing its doors leaving 15 workers in their homes, which will put their 15 families in trouble.

Historic Pisanova Restaurant Closed on the Highway: What’s Wrong with the Crisis?

Pisanova Autogrill closes in the middle of this month This is the warning raised with concern by Francesca Grasini, Claudia Fargio and Irene Cesari, respectively on behalf of the related labor unions Filcams Cgil Pisa, Fisascat Cisl Pisa and Uiltucs Toscana.

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“The call from the company was made a few days ago – they explain – leaving the 15 workers working for it in a state of absolute uncertainty about the fate of their workplace, just as the information that led to them is unclear. The final decision.”

will be Pisanova rental problems. Alarm raised by unions Filcams Cgil, Fisascat Cisl and Uiltucs

“It looks like Autogrill has received the eviction from the fund’s property Immobiliare Il Cobra srl The property owner, and that the only option offered to resolve the dispute proposed by the property was to terminate the contract. Additionally, the company’s requests included returning the building to its original condition, which would have required highway restaurant operators to close early even to carry out restorations.

“We do not want to avoid making it clear that another company will take over from Autogrill, so as not to allow the workers to pass and thus preserve employment. For these reasons, we requested and held a meeting with the municipal administration to take action to try to understand the real situation, and a similar request was made to the province of Pisa, which we did not meet It has a dimension. Autogrill is trying to offer some alternatives to workers, but these are more than 50 km from home.” This is the trade union data.

Pisanova Autogrill
Pisanova Autogrill has been forced to close. P @Pisatoday

“In this difficult moment for our country and our economy, a serious emergency employment problem arises which we absolutely wish to avoid. We do not believe it is right to fire these fifteen workers in this way, overnight and without a clear explanation” Trade unionists wrap it up on this topic.

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Certainly, all Italian businesses face a difficult situation, but highway restaurants, by their nature of 24/7 access, are at great risk and in the coming months we may see chains shut down to avoid bankruptcy.