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Have you seen Madonna's boyfriend?  They are 35 years old

Have you seen Madonna’s boyfriend? They are 35 years old

The Queen of Pop Madonna celebrated her birthday here in Italy: Her boyfriend was with her, did you see him? it’s a A charming and talented dancer, 35 years younger than her.

Who is Madonna’s friend? (Getty Images)

A superstar known and loved all over the world since the 80s, the queen of pop music Madonna has just turned 63, And to celebrate them she decided to go with her family and her friend here in our country. On the other hand, this is not the first time that the legendary Madonna has decided to spend her birthday and summer vacation In Puglia, an Italian region she seems to be particularly fond of.

the last August 16 singer turned off 63 candles And to celebrate with her there were her children, some colleagues, friends and the young man Orator. Celebrations were held at the resort Borgo Egnazia, an exclusive site located in Savelletri di Fasano. The cute and slightly extravagant snaps are the ones that the popular pop star then shared with his millions of fans on social media. Do you know who the charming young boyfriend is?

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Who is Madonna’s friend? All about your dreams, Alec Williams

Madonna's dream fiancé: Alec Williams
Madonna and boyfriend Alec Williams (Instagram)

They say that love has no age, and it seems that this also applies to the most famous pop stars in the world. 35 years are the years of difference with the life partner of your dreams, Alec Williams, A famous and well known professional dancer in America. The two met in 2015, when Your dreams joined the ballet singer group for the world tour rebel heart. At first, the couple tried not to reveal themselves too much in public, while now they share from time to time with fans Beautiful shots together.

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Season 1993 Coming from the city SacramentoAnd Your dreams Williams is the son of Art. In fact, his father was also a well-known and successful dancer like himself and despite his young age (today he is 28 years), he already has one behind him A respectable artistic profession. But your dreams weren’t the only ones dancer Present at the prestigious party. Among the guests is the name Daniel Sibley, a former Amici student who over the years has developed a beautiful friendship with Madonna.