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Harp, goodbye to the weather in the short term.  Now the forecast will be up to ten days

Harp, goodbye to the weather in the short term. Now the forecast will be up to ten days

If you think of the Habsburg “rigor” with which the Arpa of Friuli Venezia Giulia has always dealt with meteorological matters, you can easily…

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If we think of the Habsburg “rigor” with which the Arpa of Friuli Venezia Giulia always dealt with meteorological matters, we can easily speak of a historical turning point. actually The “mantra” according to which only five-day forecasts can be relied upon has fallen into disrepairNo more.

But thanks to new technologies, everything has changed in Friuli Venezia Giulia too: since yesterday, in fact, The Arpa Fvg weather service is able to provide weather information for up to ten days. This news was announced on the sidelines of one of the events associated with the 25th anniversary of the regional agency.

Arpa Fvg: What's changing

Arpa Fvg manufactures Extend the weather forecast for up to 10 days.
“An innovation – we read in the note – that allows us to know more accurately the probability and intensity of precipitation and air temperature. This innovation has proven its importance not only for farmers, who can better plan irrigation operations, but also for water basin management and for all those who need to predict and manage activities based on climate. In parallel, the “Near you” function was launched on the thematic weather website Arpa Fvg.
This tool allows users to access weather information (data, forecasts, radar images, and webcam images) for the location they are in, thus facilitating consultation and improving response preparedness.

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Why longer weather forecasts

Further enrichment of the service is Monitor the physical condition of the lakeEspecially with regard to temperature, salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. Making this information available to the public is of particular importance not only to increase awareness of the condition and development of our lake, but it helps to understand complex phenomena such as, for example, heat waves, which also depend on the physical state of the lake. water.
This information is for that It is also of great importance to the tourism sector and the production activities associated with it. All these innovations underscore Arpa Fvg's commitment to adapt its resources and skills to the needs of a changing society, confirming the agency as a reference point in environmental management and land protection.
“These new services provide citizens, tourists and businesses, especially agricultural ones, with innovations that allow them to obtain increasingly detailed and reliable information about weather forecasts. Another example of the level of competence and excellence achieved by the Regional Environmental Protection Agency (ARPA).” This is the concept expressed yesterday in Trieste by the Regional Environmental Protection Advisor, Fabio Scoscimaro, on the occasion of the presentation of the new weather services held at the platform set up in Piazza Ponteroso on the occasion of the anniversary Twenty-fifth to establish the agency.

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