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Temperature già invernali su alcune zone del Paese

temperatures, the winter cold is almost back, but something is boiling in the pot; Outlook »

Weather: The winter cold is almost back, but something is cooking; Forecasting

Already winter temperatures in some areas of the country brrr, how cool it is! The context of winter is almost back in some areas of our country, but some important news is already looming.

Announced a few days ago, a autumn vortex Coming directly from the cold lands of northern Europe, which crossed our whole country from north to south, brought back the climatic context in line with our standards of that period. In fact, in many areas north The Minimum temperatures have already reached practically winter values.

the next day 24/48 hours Climate will certainly remain on the right tracks.
Basically, it will continue to be cold at night and early morning, especially in the north and in the center’s inner valleys. This can be clearly seen from the attached map that shows a file Minimum temperatures are expected for Monday, November 7th. Areas where temperatures fluctuate at values ​​close to 4/6°C are colored very light green.Expected minimum temperatures for Monday 7 November 2022Expected minimum temperatures for Monday 7 November 2022

However, a good weather forecast for our country will still be able to lighten the atmosphere a little in the central hours of the day and in the early part of the afternoon. Although we no longer have non-seasonal heat in recent days, the climate will still be very pleasant with thermal values ​​fairly within the climatic average for this period.

But pay attention to the following days. In fact, something important is boiling in the pot. In fact, if all were confirmed, the numerous return of subtropical high pressure could restore a mild climatic context for the season, leading to a kind of November.
At the moment, its duration is difficult to predict because the major international computing centers have not yet reached a common trend line.

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We will update this in the coming days.