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Hardly anyone washes this summer fruit and yet not doing so is dangerous

Hardly anyone washes this summer fruit and yet not doing so is dangerous

Usually do not forget to wash the fruit. Cherries, peaches, and apricots pass under running water before they end up on the plate.

But what about watermelon? Most people chop it up and taste it right away. But this is wrong! here because.

Hardly anyone washes this summer fruit and yet not doing so is dangerous

It is known that fruits and vegetables should be washed before consumption. Not only soil residues or dirt are eliminated, but the effects of pesticides are also eliminated.

However, most people wash the fruit with its edible peel. Hence, some foods are neglected. This is the case for my favorite summer fruit: watermelon.

After all, why wash the watermelon peel? Since you don’t eat it, it seems like a waste of time. However, this is not the case: skipping this step can cause harm to health.

In fact, harmful bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, sometimes lurk on the cortex. When cutting fruit, bacteria contaminate the knife and thus the pulp. In short, hardly anyone washes this summer fruit, and yet not doing so is dangerous.

How to wash watermelon properly

Watermelon is a healthy fruit. It contains a lot of water and few calories. So it quenches thirst and is also suitable for those who are on a diet. It also provides vitamins (vitamins A, C, B) and minerals.

However, this fruit can also be dangerous. Watermelon food poisoning has actually occurred in the past.

for this reason experts They recommend always washing watermelons under running water. It is better to gently rub the peel with a brush. Then dry the fruit with a clean cloth. Only then is it ready to be enjoyed.

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It is also important not to forget to wash the cutting board well. Or any surface you lean on to make a watermelon. It’s a little trick that protects your health!


This delicious summer fruit is among the least contaminated with pesticides

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