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GTA VI, a possible return of an iconic setting for Grand Theft Auto

GTA VI, a possible return of an iconic setting for Grand Theft Auto

A recent leak revealed that at one point, Rockstar Games planned content for Grand Theft Auto V (which never saw the light of day) designed to take players back to Liberty City, the setting of many older games in the series. At this point, there's an open possibility that Rockstar Games will be able to bring players back in time for the release of GTA VI, which will hit consoles in 2025. Anticipation for the game is building, with the recent premiere literally “splitting.” Internet. The video, which is just one minute and thirty seconds long, has reached a staggering 159 million views in just three weeks. We now know that GTA VI will bring players back to Vice City, one of the most iconic locations in the series.

Based in Miami, Vice City first appeared in 2002's GTA: Vice City. Players had the opportunity to take control of gangster Tommy Vercetti, voiced by the late, great Ray Liotta, who became the city's boss at the end of the game. Vice City also returned in the 2006 game Vice City Stories, with Victor Vance being the protagonist of that game. However, it seems that the modern version of the fictional city has reached levels never seen before. Rockstar Games seems to aim to exceed expectations, creating a more immersive and detailed gaming experience, faithful to the tradition of innovation and excellence that has always distinguished the Grand Theft Auto series.

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