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Have you ever set up appointments like this?  They will become more greedy, real fun

Have you ever set up appointments like this? They will become more greedy, real fun

Delicious and delicious dates: You have never eaten them this way before, discover a delicious recipe that will make you fall in love with them and you will not be able to live without them anymore.

Dates are obtained from a tree that can reach 20 or 30 meters in height, and are a typical fruit of North Africa and Asia. In fact, it is a characteristic of countries with a warm climate. The date tree is a palm tree, It is a long-lived and very productive plantIt can live about thirty years and bear an annual weight of about 50 kg of fruit. Dates are berries, have a very sweet flavor, and contain seeds that must be removed before eating.

On a commercial level, dates undergo a drying process, for two main reasons: to increase the sugar concentration and to extend the storage period. From a nutritional point of view they are very active and… They represent an excellent source of magnesiumIt is rich in mineral salts, in addition to containing iron, potassium, copper, zinc, calcium and phosphorus.

Among the vitamins we can remember the vitamins of group B. It can be used in the kitchen for various recipes, in fact it is excellent as a natural sweetener, for preparing delicious desserts such as cakes or biscuits, and it is also ideal for combining with cheese. Dried fruits and butter.

A delicious and delicious recipe with dates, try it and you will not be able to do without it anymore

Dates are very sweet and versatile in cooking It can be used to prepare various recipes, as it represents an excellent natural sweetener and is healthier than sugar. It should also be remembered that in addition to the classic fruit, other products are also produced industrially with dates, such as date honey, and date flour, which is generally mixed with barley flour to prepare the famous date bread, which is a specialty of dates. Arab countries.

In addition to hazelnuts, try it with toasted almonds!

In Sri Lanka and India, date wine is widely spread, and is obtained by fermenting the fruit that is left to soak in water. In some cases, date pits can be used as a substitute for coffee. a The recipe you must try is stuffed datesAfter that it is really very simple, it will be enough to rinse the dates and remove the stones if they are not already pitted.

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At this point, you will still need to engrave on one side to be able to fill it; Add Gorgonzola, walnuts and hazelnuts inside. Gorgonzola can also be replaced with another spreadable cheese such as Camembert or Taleggio, and moreover, if we want, we can wrap the dates in bacon at the end. Here's an idea for New Year's appetizer!