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Growing in space?  More than movies, it’s possible with this plant

Growing in space? More than movies, it’s possible with this plant

We’re used to watching movies in which growing up in space seems possible, but now it’s pure reality. This discovery is expected to be a shock to the future of science

Many remember the movie “The Martian” Starring Matt Damon, an astronaut who stayed on Mars and had to grow potatoes to survive. To do this, he applied different technologies suitable for this type of production that had already been conceived in different projects, including the Italian project.

The right plant for the discovered space –

Now, the news has become even more shocking, as a plant more suitable for carrying out this process has been discovered. Researchers have created a more realistic future scenario that is ready to clearly destabilize the vision of the future. They are the ones who started this initiative QUT scientists, who were able to discover the gene Which will lead to food production in space.

This is a plant Nicotiana benthamiana appears to have survived in the wild for approximately 75,000 years. Therefore, the research was directed by the team leader, Dr. Julia Bali, towards the necessity of discovering how he managed to resist for so long in the wild.

The future of plant biotechnology

The study in question, like all materials from which life is born, depends on the possibility of genetic improvement of plants for agricultural benefit. From the in-depth studies carried out on N. benthamiana, nothing less than amazing results have emerged that will be able to give a turning point to the entire world of plant biotechnology.

Nicotine is growable in space
Nicotine benthamiana suitable for space (Instagram – Farocare) –

In particular, a rather strange fact emerged which attracted the attention of many researchers of this topic. In fact, it seems so “This plant was capable of that He loses his immune system “To be able to focus energy on the ability to germinate.”Dr. Bali said.

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practically, “The plant seems to have understood how to combat drought In order to survive for future generations.”He continued in the interview, which can be found on

Professor Waterhouse, another member of the UQ research team, said his fellow scientists could use these kinds of discoveries to inform investigations. On any type of sterile environment Or where plants are protected from diseases, space can only be one of these interesting options.