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Green Boss Fish Order: Skiing, 72 Hour Buffer and Dad Only Done in the Red Zone

Green Boss Fish Order: Skiing, 72 Hour Buffer and Dad Only Done in the Red Zone

Green Pass with a negative molecular buffer is valid for 72 hours instead of 48 hours. The green pass is also mandatory for ski resorts. Possible insult from school rule only in the red zone (no longer in the orange zone). Although all students are vaccinated, it is mandatory to always wear a mask at university. And temporary green pass for vaccinated irregular immigrants. These are some of the key changes introduced by the Commission in the order Green Boss Biz Changed Firm in Senate law 189, 31 no and no deviations.

Launched in August by CDM, the move extends the Green Pass obligation to school and university staff and long-distance transportation (tram, bus or metro). However, the final promised text also sucks The order is there Approved on September 8th, it further expands the audience – including a green pass for parents and anyone accessing schools and universities, and also introduces vaccination obligations for RSA staff starting October 10, including cleaning companies and canteen staff. Furthermore, it states that failure to show a green pass is considered unreasonable and that the pay cut will be triggered immediately.

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72-hour green pass with molecular buffer

But, as expected, some important findings have been introduced along with the amendments approved in the panel. These include valid extensions Molecular buffer This is 72 hours – not 48 hours for rapid antigenic testing – for green pass purposes. Mandatory supply of FFP2 and FFP3 masks to staff working in kindergartens is also predicted.

Always masked at university

At universities, everyone has a duty to wear a mask even when students who have been vaccinated or have survived the cohort participate in educational activities. Based on this selection, it was explained that the nature of university communities exists: Unlike in schools, university students are not segregated by class, but “migrate” into universities, often “replacing study peers” with the subjects they must follow and the places where they are conducted.

Dad’s preference is only in the red areas

The “dad” option at school (except in isolated cases) is only offered in red areas, “due to sudden and abnormal demand or the school population due to the risk of spreading the virus or its variants”. This option has been removed from the text for orange areas.