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USA ed UE unite contro le big tech: l'annuncio potrebbe arrivare a breve

United States and European Union Against Big Technology: Announcement Coming Soon

Reuters exclusively reports what could have been Unprecedented alliance Between the United States and the European Union: Great technology in sight. According to a secret note seen by Reuters, the official announcement will come on September 29 during a meeting of the US-European Business and Technology Council in Pittsburgh.

In the meantime, the purpose is to exchange information on the respective approaches Management Technology sites, in order to find a point Integration, Where possible.

Similarly, common interest issues such as large amounts of data stored by these sites have been identified Responsibility Online intermediaries were often the trigger for past problems.

‚ÄúThis particularly includes the responsibility of online intermediaries to protect democratic processes from the impact of their business activities. “

Particular attention will be paid to awareness of areas such as hate speech, method multiplication and access to data for researchers.

In short, we can be closer to a unification goal that unites the United States and the European Union. The reason Against such field giants Characters (Google), Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, Is often called to US and European courtrooms for such reasons.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. Digital controlAttempting to shift the focus towards the “common enemy” (At dinner)

Anyway, we will know within a week whether the information shared by Reuters is correct or not, but it will take more time to see the possible consequences.

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