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Governor appointed Extraordinary Commissioner for Emergency

Governor appointed Extraordinary Commissioner for Emergency

Ischia sad – He knows better Casamichiola Simonetta calcatera Because he is the current mayor commissioner of the municipality that was upset by yesterday’s landslides. Calcadera He will also assume the role of extraordinary commissioner after the declaration of emergency decided by the Maloney government.

She knows who lives with her in the town hall and who works there. Some relatives of these workers are missing. She is the one who delivers the news. “But I do not know the missing persons directly Relatives of municipal employees are very close to the administrative machinery. It happens in small communities», Calcadera said, confirming that the people they were looking for were all living along Celario, a street occupied by an avalanche of mud.

Ischia Tragedy, Police Investigations in Landslide Area

The Commissioner is appointed by the Governor Naples At the end of June 2022 Claudio Palomba lost confidence in the mayor Giovan Battista Castagna elected in 2019 with the resignation of 7 municipal councilors. Vice Governor Calcadera is 61 years old and has also been a provincial commissioner in the nearby municipality of Lako. Ameno from 16 October 2019 to 20 September 2020 Executive Election Date. He was the “substitute” of the Municipal Council of Cortito (Naples) in 2014, in Molpetta in 2017, Altamura in 2018 and Finally in S. Antimo (Naples) in 2020 the municipality was dissolved due to mafia infiltration.

He is a law graduate and started his career in early 1990s. In 1991 he was an officer appointed to the cabinet office in the province of Brescia (with main responsibilities: antimafia, civil protection, administrative police). Two years later, he returned to Naples, first with the same duties, then as director of demonetization, public works, pistol carrying, security guards, and the administrative police prosecution division. In 2017 he moved to Bari and was then called as a commissioner in six municipalities.

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Now experienced in Ischia in CasamichiolaFloods and landslides have created a disaster whose tragic contours are slowly unfolding. The provisional count is three dead

Landslide Ishiya, “mud man” saved: “Drowning in water, I thought I was dead”