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Bad weather Messina, water invades Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto

Bad weather Messina, water invades Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto

Civil Defense issued a yellow weather warning on Friday. Homes and underpasses were flooded with people trapped in cars, houses and some isolated families. A woman engulfed in mud in Terme Vigliatore remained inside her car, and another woman and her two children were rescued in Tripi.

In Milazzo, an ambulance that had set out to help a heart attack almost stopped under water. In Spadafora and Milazzo he saved dozens of motorists: flooded roads, blown manhole covers, landslides, flooded cellars. In Milazzo, six students, two teachers and two school collaborators were barricaded in the Art Institute via Gramsci, while electricity was cut in several streets. Due to lack of electricity, dewatering pumps could not be operated in many areas. In Castrorail, provincial roads 85 – 87 – 82 have been declared open again after disruption. The mayors of the municipalities of Messina call on people to take great care if they have to leave the house, especially when traveling by car.

Milazzo Mayor Pippo Midili wrote on Fb: “I call on citizens to stay in their homes and avoid going out on the street. The situation with the Mela river is under control, but the streets are flooded due to the enormous rain that has been falling. The city”.

Landslides and Potholes on State Roads – Provincial command Messina He requested reinforcements from other Sicilian provinces. The storm forced the civil defense to close part of the A20 motorway to force an evacuation in Barcelona Pozzo de Cotto. The landslide occurred on Sella Montrazzi State Road 185, which was closed in both directions crossing the municipality of Francavilla de Sicilia.

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A bridge collapses in Messina – In Terme Vigliatore, the access road to the bridge over the Mazzarrà stream that connects the Marchesana promenade with the Cannotta district in Terme Vigliatore has collapsed. A huge crater formed but the bridge did not collapse. 220mm of rain fell in three hours in Novara de Sicilia, 150mm in Barcelona at the well of Goto.

Cloudburst, flooding and difficulty in Catanzaro region – A violent storm hit the Catanzaro region, particularly in the Ionian Belt, hitting the Lido district of the capital. Heavy rains flooded streets and basements. The Fallachello River overflows in the Martelletto area. In Sikala, the treatment plant and supply pipeline to the springs were damaged due to bad weather. In some municipalities of Lamedino on the Tyrrhenian coast, such as Pianopoli, San Pietro a Maida and Jagurso, some streams reached their maximum threshold due to the rain, but there will be no flooding.