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Giorgione is angry as never before: “It's just nonsense” |  He himself said that

Giorgione is angry as never before: “It's just nonsense” | He himself said that

Giorgione – (Instagram photo)

He unleashed his rage against Giorgione's cuisine. He couldn't appreciate it and pointed it out in no uncertain terms.

Giorgio Barchiesiknown as Giorgioneis one of Italy's most famous bar owners and a long-time television personality Small culinary screen hero.

There are many television shows that he has participated in over the years through which he has managed to win the hearts of those who have followed him from home. But what sets these things apart is the fact that they all follow Same formula. That is, Giorgione is the hero of the novel He prepares dishes with the ingredients he has available Or make up for it somewhere.

It is so light that it can be seen as it shows Giorgione's free-range figure At the same time The great love he has for country cuisineSimple, but great, and also delicious. Seeing Giorgione cooking is enough already It's hard not to make your mouth water And be hungry.

However, it seems that not everyone is able to appreciate what Giorgione cooks. For him, for example He can't stand the innkeeper's way of cooking. He explained it to her without mincing words.

Country cuisine is often greasy

It may happen that Giorgione's cooking method is not appreciated by someone, although there are very few people who do not like the innkeeper's cuisine. As Eventi Cultureli magazine reported, Giorgione has a kind of cuisine Rustic, homemade and real.

It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it does Made of substance and incredibly delicious, as well as often greasy. However, it seems that this last feature was not received by everyone. Confirms that A comment made by someone Below Giorgione's post.

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Instagram caption – (Instagram image)

A kitchen that not everyone can appreciate

One Instagram user recently commented bitterly on a post by Giorgione, which filmed him making delicious buttery croissants filled with burrata and raw pork.

The user did not appreciate Giorgione's rustic way of doing things, and commented bitterly on the scene, calling the innkeeper's way of cooking unpleasant. He did it with these words: “But am I the only one who hates Giorgione's overcooking?