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Dogs, what are they doing with the video streaming platform?

If for several months of Close They had a hard time, there is someone who values ​​forced intimacy and long hours in close contact with family. Our pets: the cats who suddenly seems (according to many owners) more affectionate, e dog Who, despite having difficulties accessing parks and gardens, can only enjoy extra attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With a return to near-normal in these months, our four-legged friends are risking some trouble getting used to the long days of loneliness, waiting for owners to get home from work. American cable network has the solution ready: dog tv, an online platform that was recently launched outside the US as well (but not yet available in Italy), which promises hours of video content tailored toDog entertainment. The videos – the company asserts – are based on the latest scientific discoveries on the topic Knowledge NS knowledge dogand reducing the risks of discomfort and stress due to the newfound loneliness of our four-legged companions. But is it really so? What does the dog see when watching TV?

separation anxiety

Let’s start by saying that for some dogs, periods spent indoors alone can be really distressing. It is estimated that that between 20 and 40% dogs suffer worry Give Separation. A nuisance that might mean to the neighbors Enduring hours of constant barking and barking when the animal is left home alone. As for the owners, they show symptoms attachment Excessive, extremist, reckless In the hours they spend together: A dog who follows his owner around the house, who scrapes or cries when locked in a room, becomes hyperactive when the owner goes out and shows excessive happiness upon his return, may be a dog with separation anxiety.

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The Problem It should not be underestimated, because May increase the incidence of health problems, such as skin disorders, apparently Reducing life expectancy some animals. But there are solutions, and a good vet will certainly be able to advise on the best way to deal with the problem. Among the most popular, at least in the “do-it-yourself” field, there is undoubtedly turning on television or radio to keep animals company. If you ask who does that, the trick seems to work. But when we try to understand what dogs actually see when watching TV, things become less clear.

sight in dogs

Dogs don’t see the world the way people do. In fact, they have a kind of vision that is determined Bi-color: They have only two types of receptors chromatic, making it sensitive to only two areas of Domain electromagnetic, that of blue and that from yellow red. The result is something like what a color-blind person experiences, a world of little to color shades What a person experiences. In short, to get their attention, the TV screen must transmit the correct wavelengths, or the dog will experience a faint and blurry image.