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Gemma Galgani, when she was little, drove everyone crazy: you’ll feel bad when you see her

Gemma Galgani, when she was little, drove everyone crazy: you’ll feel bad when you see her

Gemma Galjani today – Solospitakulu

We know it thanks to television as it has been around for over a decade. But how was Gemma Galgani when she was young? Let’s find out.

The face of an undisputed star men and womenAnd Gemma Galjani He sits in the female meadow from time immemorial, looking for love.

Dating show fans who haven’t quite missed an episode remember Dame Torin arriving in the studio in 2010. Very different from what we see today.

In fact, we met one at that time jewel More romantic, with long floral dresses, flat shoes, and a little less attention to hair and makeup, but much more to the content. more realistic and correct. Then change.

We can almost make a date on a woman’s life, a Before George and After George. since he entered her life George Manetti She wasn’t the same before. Since then 2015 is far from ballet and high heels, far from long bonton dresses and romantic sweaters, and space for pencil skirts, slits and necklines, which accentuate reconstructed breasts. Because she didn’t miss anything jewel, To be loved more after losing a love “The Seagull”, He got blown away by his mannerisms that only those watching the show would understand.

looking for love

over the years Gemma Galjani Has undergone a real transformation that began with participating in Selfie things change In 2016, they put her teeth back in place. Since then we’ve seen a rejuvenated lady who always denied having surgery, even when she was her TV antagonist Tina Cipolaticommentator on Marianne’s show, explained to her that the lips look more defined.

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but jewel She denies, and only admits to having breast surgery, for which she has been severely criticized. Because his explanation about it, dated New TV: “I was mired in the dumps of my many emotional disappointments, and so the idea of ​​a new physical improvement began to provoke me, a change that could make me more secure even on an emotional level.” It may be acceptable at 30-40, not 71.

Cheb Jemma Galjani-Solospitakulu (web photo)

Gemma Galjani as a young man

And to think we might never have seen it, Gemma Galjani If he had taken the life he wanted. Tell Men’s and Women’s Magazine which at that time, as soon as school was over, expressed a desire to remain at the college as a student, or rather, she wanted to become a nun. But her father first offers her leave to think about it: “When you come back, you will pack your miserable suitcase of a few things and go and start your life as a student. Of course, it will be difficult for you to part with your inextricable bangs. A fringe nun has never been seen outside her veil.” That was enough to change her mind. Why jewel always carries Bangs which we see today.

But have you ever seen a picture of him as a young man? She was definitely a beautiful woman, who could find true love if she only wanted to.