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Running Love movie, plot, actors, crew, ending, filming location, location

Running Love movie, plot, actors, crew, ending, filming location, location

La5 Suggest the movie with the title He loves running. It is an emotional film with a romantic atmosphere.

Production is from United States of America. The year of production is 2004 and its duration is 1 hour and 51 minutes.

Running Love – direction, leads, location

The trend is by Andy Caddiff. The main heroes are Anna Foster H Ben Calder Played straight before Mandy Moore H Matthew Goode. Also in the cast Stark Sands In turn Grant Hillman.

Filmed in Italyespecially A Venice and surrounding areas in the province Veneto.

Production is from Alcon Entertainment In cooperation with Brand films H CRG International.

The film is known worldwide by the title Chasing freedom.

The movie Running Love where it was filmed

Running Love – the story of the movie that was broadcast on La5

The plot is the little girl as the protagonist Anna Fosterdaughter President of the United States of America. The girl is energetic and wants to live a life like all her peers. Instead, she is always watched by her father’s bodyguards.

During the parent’s visit Europeespecially A PragueShe decides to escape from the control of the bodyguards and go to Berlin with her friend Gabrielle.

The two go to a concert with the intention of leaving Berlin. However, the President had already sent two of his trusted agents to the scene to try to recover it. Trying to escape I He meets the young man son.

At the station, the two made a mistake about which train they were supposed to take and where they were going Berlin They arrive to Venice. Here they meet a boy named my silence Mr. Dr Eugenioa gondolier driver on his first experiences after he took them for him Venice He hosts them at his house for one night.

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Final spoiler

Eugenio’s mother welcomes them very warmly and offers them her son’s room. son But he refuses to sleep in the double bed with him I Out of respect though the young woman did everything to show him she cared for him.

After the categorical rejection of sonthe relationship between the two begins to falter. I She doesn’t accept that she was rejected. Meanwhile, the father’s agents head to… Berlin. I H son Instead they turn inward Austriaalways with the idea of ​​reaching them as well Berlin.

The two boys meet. But come on Berlin, I He discovers a secret son. She feels betrayed and decides to go home.

Love on the run ultimate movie

Runaway Love: Full Cast

Below is the film’s cast He loves running And the characters played by the actors

  • Mandy Moore: Anna Foster
  • Matthew Goode:Ben Calder
  • Stark Sands: Grant Hillman
  • Jeremy Piven: Alan Weiss
  • Annabella Sciorra: Cynthia Morales
  • Mark Harmon: President of the United States of America
  • Martin Hancock:Scotty McGroff
  • Joseph Tawil: Eugenio
  • Miriam Margolis: Eugene’s mother