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Gas station: Looking for an open one close by? Here’s how to find it in a second


How to find an open gas station

Are you risking dehydration and not knowing if there is an open gas station nearby? Don’t worry: here are some tricks that will save you!

You are in the car, perhaps you are traveling in an unfamiliar city, and the gasoline level indicator goes into reserve: How do you find an open distributor?

Don’t panic: unless you find yourself in the desert, Sure enough, there’s an open gas station nearby, at an easily accessible distance even in the reserve. But how can you find it without grinding empty kilometers?

Technology comes to our rescue and provides us with some Ways to find the nearest open distributorconsumes as little gasoline as possible and wastes little time.

The tricks you will read can be used by anyone: All you need is a smartphone and in a few minutes you will know where to go.

Find a gas station using Google Maps

The easiest way to find an open gas station is Use Google Maps and see the opening hours of petrol stations on the map. To find a gas station, just type “gas station” in the search box above and click on the search glass. Google Maps will search for all gas stations in the area and display them on the map.

To understand if and which are open, Simply click on each start of those closest to our center; An information curtain will open with information on how to get to the gas station, which address of the location and, above all, the hours and days of operation. If business hours are not listed, the gas station may not have consistent business hours; In this case you can call the gas station directly to inquire if it is open using the number in the information section.

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gas station
How to find an open gas station

More tricks

Another very useful way is to consult, a website that allows users to find the lowest prices for petrol and diesel in their area. the site Collects the prices of more than 20,000 petrol stations throughout Italy And updated every day. Users can search for prices by city, state, or zip code. also provides an interactive map showing the location of the cheapest petrol stations nearby.

Using it is very simple: once you are on the site, just type in the search bar the city, county or postal code of the place where you are located. Clicking the “Search” button will bring up the page with the lowest petrol and diesel prices in your area. is certainly a very useful and easy to use tool that, in addition to the features of Google Maps, also allows you to Consult distributors prices to choose the most suitable.


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