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Frost prevents Tesla & Co.

Frost prevents Tesla & Co.

Less independence – It is known that Fredo He is one of my worst enemies Electric cars. Low temperatures greatly affect the efficiency of the battery, often significantly reducing its autonomy and slowing down charging times at the same time. Problems that significantly affect motorists in some areas of the United States, especially Chicago, where they were recorded Temperature Close -20 degrees. The city was hit by a strong cold wave that put the city in crisis Electric cars Generalization. Longer charging times and decreased autonomy of vehicles have made it more difficult to find one column Free for the most electricity-hungry cars.

Long times – Who was in? chicago These days he talks about scenes bordering on the apocalypse movie scenes: “We have a mass of dead robots,” an electric car owner testifies to CBS (Watch the video). “You come here and you have to wait two hours to get a charging station. It should be fast, but.” It takes two hours “To recharge the car,” says a depressed driver. There is no shortage of motorists having to tow their cars after their batteries die while waiting for a charging point to become available.

You better get ready – Electric vehicle batteries work best in moderate temperatures and the range Can be reduced by up to 40% When the thermometer drops below zero. Moreover, the increased need for passenger cabin heating leads to an increase in the energy used. For this reason, Tesla advises its customers to warm up the passenger compartment before setting off, pre-heat the battery before charging it, and warm it up. Maintains The level of load to today Above 20%. In Norway, where electric cars are widespread and winter temperatures are never mild, they prefer home charging over public charging, which solves the problem of longer charging times at a charging station.

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