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Gas crisis, here is Italy's plan: turn off the street lights and reduce the heating

Gas crisis, here is Italy’s plan: turn off the street lights and reduce the heating

Eni: one third less gas

– This was stated in a note from Eni, according to which, “Gazprom announced that it will supply Eni on Monday with quantities of gas equivalent to about 21 million cubic meters per day, compared to an average of about 32 million in recent days. Eni will provide more information in the event of new and significant changes in the flows”.

Hump: “Storage at 64%” –

“We are working to contribute to the creation of a reserve that becomes indispensable in the winter months by filling the storage – explains Snam CEO, Stefano Venier -. As of Sunday, we have reached 6.1 billion cubic meters in storage (excluding the strategic version). Correspond with 64% of the target. In Sanam we have made a contribution of about 1.5 billion cubic meters and will continue to provide our support, obviously within the limits of the system operator.”

emergency plan

The gas emergency plan therefore envisages a series of interventions ranging from gas rationalization to energy-intensive industries to increased use of coal-fired power plants to produce electricity.

But it helps republic, So is the introduction of austere consumption policies: less heating, with temperature reductions of up to two degrees in homes and offices, and savings in public lighting, while reducing the hours of street lamp lighting. These measures should continue until Russian gas is replaced by supplies from other countries.

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