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From the center to Libya, what are they

From the center to Libya, what are they

Masks Compulsory outside a Roma Shop streets. From Saturday to New Year’s Eve and higher fines for offenders (from 400 euros to a thousand euros). Yes, because the capital is newly affected Govt (Yesterday they recorded 900, 300 a week ago) Although the Omigron variant between Rome and Lazio has not yet emerged they are growing, while the administration of the third dose has finally recorded a significant trend: 40 thousand per day.

So here is the order signed by Mayor Roberto Cuvaltieri in this direction last night. Like his colleague Giuseppe Salah in Milan last Monday, he followed the signs sent by the government to various provinces last Monday: zero tolerance for police restrictions and zero tolerance for meetings and against those who do not respect the duty to wear masks on shop streets. A look at Christmas. “But we will assess – the mayor of the capital warned – the consequences of the order and the course of the contagious curve, and if necessary, we are prepared to strengthen the arrangement with a common duty”. I.e., for the entire capital.

At his command, as the highest-ranking city health official, Gualdieri made it mandatory to wear the mask from midnight next Saturday, especially in shops in the capital and in places frequented by Romans and tourists alike. At the historic center we start from the busiest street of the year – via Del Corso – but the new rules extend through the city’s good living room, also known as the Trident: Piazza de Spocna, de Ribetta. , Via Del Baboon, via Piazza de San Lorenzo, Piazza San Silvestro, Piazza del Parlamento, Largo Cici, Largo Coldoni, Piazza del Bopolo, via Delta Croce, via Condotti, via Cண்டrdoba. There are boutiques of the most popular brands and Aberidiff places that are much loved by tourists. Duty to wear a mask in another district with the largest number of shops and restaurants: Rep. Anyone passing through Cola de Rienzo, via Piazza Cola de Rianzo, via Marcantonio Cologne, via Fabio Massimo, via Ottaviano, via Vio Giulio Cesare and Candia must cover their mouths and noses. The same input should be respected in Wiley Libya, the busiest commercial artery in the northeast of the capital.

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Additional restrictions
As noted, Gualtieri does not rule out further tightening with an increase in infections. He recalled that maximum attention would be paid to the use of masks in all parts of the capital where meetings are held. A law in force since last year, but not really respected and not only in Rome. “However, it depends primarily on the behavior of the Romans – he declared – the application of these and other basic protection rules, to protect themselves and others”. A similar view was expressed yesterday during a meeting of the Committee on Public Order and Security in the presence of the capital, Matteo Biandosi. The main feature of the checks with him was mentioned: the government representative guaranteed more men on the street, including local police officers. In this direction, special forces forces, which are usually involved in illegal activities and environmental crimes, will also turn the shop streets.

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