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From 2027 it will be possible to fly in space on vacation - get to know Rome

From 2027 it will be possible to fly in space on vacation – get to know Rome

Rob is the new vacation travel companion for MSC Virtuosa. It is the ultimate futuristic experience that you can try on the flagship MSC. The robot takes a seat in the MSC Starship Club space, halfway between the bar and lounge. Complete with digital wall art, 3D holograms, and an interactive 12-seat table that allows guests the opportunity to explore space through a personal tour of the galaxy. Human Rob speaks eight different languages, from Japanese to Chinese and even Italian. what’s he doing? Mix and serve his cocktails. The robot waiter also has its own personality, which evolves according to the environment and with LED lights that adjust different expressions according to situations.

There are many news for tourists. The New Otani Hotel in Tokyo, Lovot, provides an example of the artificial intelligence of hospitality. The robot, created by Groove X, thanks to Emotional Robotics technology, warms the hearts of guests and gives them peace, relaxation and well-being. Lofoot is able to respond to the mood of those around him and respond with joy or comfort. The Sky Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg introduced Lexi, Micah and Ariel, three robots available for room service, information and guest luggage. The Ben West Palm Hotel in Palm Beach has launched a new professional character, book valet. In association with The Palm Beach Book Store, the hotel offers books and reading tips. Simply call the front desk to order one of the books on the bedside table in your room or ask the butler for help.

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And in a few years, the first space resort base, Voyager Station, will be ready. It will be built by Orbital Assembly, a space base ready to welcome tourists from Earth, with all amenities. On board the base will be everything from villas to suites, restaurants, a gym, a nightclub and a live concert hall. But you have to wait until 2027 to fly into space on vacation.

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