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We understand where the mysterious space signal comes from, and now the mystery is deepening

We understand where the mysterious space signal comes from, and now the mystery is deepening

Some time ago, there was a lot of talk about “mysterious radio signals” in space: this phenomenon is actually pretty cool, and we’ve talked about it Who is the. Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are one of the greatest mysteries in the universe. Astrophysicists continue their studies in an effort to gain new information and try to get clearer ideas about what they might be.

Basically me Radio blast They are pulses of energy lasting a few milliseconds that almost always come from outside the galaxy. By what or by whom (!) were they provoked? A specific answer does not exist but there are several hypotheses.

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But recently, the closest ever extragalactic fast radio burst was detected, coming from a place “only” 11.7 million light-years away. And that’s not all, what surprised astronomers is what kind of place it began: a globular mass.

It has long been believed that forms of energy of this type can come from neutron or magnetic stars. On the other hand, globular clusters are compact groups of stars that tend to be very old and long-lived, as well as of low mass, and no larger than the mass of the Sun. It is believed that all its stars were formed simultaneously from the Sun. Same gas cloud. Never had hordes of objects like this produced such flashes.

This discovery undermines the certainty of many astronomers. Perhaps a neutron star was growing into the globular cluster, or perhaps a black hole had formed? Who knows, this is not the time to unravel the mystery behind these rays of energy.

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