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Flights are resuming but now Biden is asking for an investigation into the causes

Flights are resuming but now Biden is asking for an investigation into the causes

US Air Traffic Leads: First flights blocked due to computer system failure then accumulated over 8,000 delays. A cyberattack has been ruled out but Joe Biden calls for an investigation into the causes.

It was the source of the problem Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) computer system, the largest air transportation agency in the United States. According to the US edition of Sky News on Wednesday, January 11, computers have stumbled and been exposed Flights have stopped Departure from the country, causing delays at all domestic airports.

American Airlines He explained that the outage affected “all flights, including all carriers”, which resulted in aircraft being unable to leave the ground and more than 8,000 delayed flights recorded throughout the day. Specifically, the issue is related to performance NOTAM, a system that issues alerts to flight personnel. Operations resumed around 2 pm (Italian time).

Restoration of the first flights

The FAA tweeted the resumed flights: “After an overnight outage in the Air Force Mission Advisory System providing safety information to flight crews, the ground hold has been lifted. We continue to review the cause of the initial problem.”

He added on the official website: “The FAA is making progress restoring the Air Mission Alert System. Departures from airports in Newark Liberty (EWR) and Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL) due to air traffic congestion in those areas.

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USA, FAA Memorandum on Banning Aircraft

In a message posted on social channels during the air blockade, the FAA wrote: “The FAA is still working to fully restore the Air Mission Warning System after the outage. While some functionality has begun to come back online, National Airspace System operations remain limited.” .

White House comment

president of the United States, joe biden, he wondered after learning of the computer failure that grounded all flights in the United States.A full investigation into the causes“I asked you to report directly to me as soon as you find out the reasons,” the White House press secretary wrote in a tweet, and then Biden added.

spokeswoman for the president, Karen Jean-PierreHe explained that Biden “was briefed by the Secretary of Transportation on the failure of the FAA system. at this time There is no evidence of a cyberattackHowever, the President instructed the Department of Transportation to fully investigate the reasons. The FAA will provide regular updates.”