Sunday, July 21, 2024

Wagner, one of the missing British volunteers found dead – Scientist


Russia’s Wagner Group said in a statement that it had found the lifeless body of one of its two British volunteers, who had been reported missing, in Solidar, in eastern Ukraine. TASS reported this, adding that the passports of the two men, Andrew Bagshaw and Christopher Barry, were found on the body. According to the Ukrainian police, the two men have been missing since January 6.

The press wrote: “On the 8th of January, the Ask Wagner keyboard received a request to find two British nationals, Andrew Bagshaw and Christopher Barry, who disappeared in Solidar on the 6th of January. Today, the body of one of them has been found, holding passports for both.” Service of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s group in Telegram, citing TASS.

The two of them, Tass continued, left Kramatorsk for Solidar, and then all communications were cut off. The parents of Bagshaw, who was born in the UK and later moved to New Zealand, said their son had traveled to the conflict zone to help Ukrainians. According to media reports, the two were members of an NGO and helped evacuate civilians.

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