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FAVONIO moves in, gusting to 100km/h;  Affected areas

FAVONIO moves in, gusting to 100km/h; Affected areas

Favonian is coming and it's almost like spring

Weather Alert: Favonian has arrived, hot air is already causing a change in temperature and will increase further in the next few hours. Over the next few days, it will already look like spring in some areas, with nothing but frost and snow!

First a necessary precedent. Fon (in German) or favonio is a phenomenon that occurs on the leeward side of a mountain range and causes rapid and significant variation in weather parameters.. When a disturbance moves towards an orographic barrier (say, mountains) the air mass rises and consequently cools, forming clouds, which can lead to heavy precipitation.
As the air rises in altitude, it cools by approximately 6 degrees Celsius for every km. For example, if the height of a mountain is 1000 meters and the temperature at the bottom of the valley is 15°C, it will be 5°C at the top. Obstacles, however, are blocked by the obstacle represented by mountains and cannot be climbed over: consequently The levered sideAccomplice pressure difference And air density, yes An opposite process occurs, characterized by descending movements. Air compresses, heats and dries. There is a temperature variation with height of dry air 10°C (max) every km. Here the (hot) air falling from the Alps or the Favonio was exchanged.

Forecast for the next few days: December 23 Saturday also Hair dryer It will be shown specifically Gust gusts of 90-100 km/h over ridges and 40-60 km/h over plains in Po Valley and Alpine valleys. causing a sudden increase in temperature reaching towards 15/20°C in some parts of the Po Valley!

Strong winds forecast for Saturday, December 23
So it feels more like spring than the weekend before Christmas. There are very similar conditions Emilia Extreme currents from the southwest (Apennine Fone) burst into the city Burma, Reggio Emilia, Modena e BolognaAs well as on MarcheIt also causes extremely high temperatures for the period.

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