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It will be a year spent searching

It will be a year spent searching

The year 2023 is approaching and fans of stars and stars will be curious to know which astronomical phenomena for the coming year should not be missed. Solar eclipses, meteor showers, giant moons, black dots, unexplored galaxies from which mysterious materials come and so on.

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Astronomical events 2023: what are they and their dates

The coming year will be full of astronomical phenomena that will keep millions of stargazers and celestial bodies looking upward. Let’s find out together what phenomena not to be missed in 2023.

It begins immediately on the night between January 3rd and 4th with a Quadruple meteor shower with Mars and the Moon It will get so close that you can observe them with the naked eye. The same phenomenon that will happen on January 22, 2023 with Venus And the Saturn The proximity to it will be visible through a telescope. the 25 JanuaryInstead, it is Crescent moon He will be in astral conjunction with the planet Jupiter. March 1st Venus And the Jupiter They will gather throughout the day, with a broad luminosity visible at sunset.

Moving on to the introduction of meteor showers, those of shooting stars to be clear will be clearly visible with a clear sky forecast at night between April 22-23 (Squadron Level II). Instead, the swarms most likely to create more shooting stars are Orionids (21 October), c Leonids (on November 17) and le Gemini (on December 13). The year 2023 will also include space missions including “SpiritNASA that would lead to the discovery of the cognate steroid. There is also a missionDear MoonIt costs half a billion dollars and will allow 11 people to fly around the light on the Starship spacecraft. Elon Musk.

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Then on October 28, there will be a partial solar eclipse and also four supermoons expected on July 3, August 1, August 31 and September 29. Giant blue moon Between 30 and 31 August.