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Evil Dead: The Game, Experimenter

Evil Dead: The Game, Experimenter

Available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, Evil Dead: The Game is an interesting multiplayer game based on the story of the same name: we tried it.

La Casa, the Italian title of Evil Dead, is without a doubt one of the most famous horror stories of all time. And, of course, thanks to its creator, director Sam Raimi, who in 1979 had the intuition to mix demonic possessions and Lovecraftian tales in what would become an iconic trilogy.

Forty years later, the series’ popularity still looks intact Saber Interactive I thought of making a new licensed game in the form of asymmetric multiplayer, with characters drawn from every movie chapter and from the recent TV series Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

How did it go? have Tried Evil Dead: The Game For a few hours and here are our first impressions.


Evil Dead: The Game, character selection screen

After completing the mandatory tutorial, Evil Dead: The Game gives you access to two different sections method: Survivors Vs. Demon, the unequal multiplayer condition that fundamentally characterizes the game, and a series of quests to be faced alone that reflect different moments of the saga, with different objectives from time to time.

Let’s start by saying that just stopping single player From the title it is surprising for the reasonable amount of content. Let’s be clear: buying Evil Dead: The Game just for this component wouldn’t make sense, after all we’re probably talking about two hours of action even with an interesting degree of challenge (and in the game that ends, you have to start everything again), but it Glad the developers have included this option.

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We then come to the multiplayer sector, which can be countered by playing against it Human opponents or againstArtificial intelligenceYou play as Survivors or Kandarian Demon, in cooperation with other users or with the support of a group of bots, or even start a custom game according to the rules we prefer.

As mentioned, I Characters Available from the different movie chapters of Evil Dead and from the TV series, so among the survivors we find four chapters (Leader, Warrior, Hunter, Support) with three versions of Ash Williams, Annie Knowby, Lord Arthur, Scotty, Henry the Reed, Ed Jetley, Kelly Maxwell, Amanda Fisher, Sheryl Williams and Pablo Simon Bolivar. As for demons, there are three classes (necromancers, brides, and warlords) and many characters: Evil Ash, Eligos and Henrietta.


Evil Dead: The Game, Ash gets involved in a single player mission
Evil Dead: The Game, Ash gets involved in a single player mission

inside a big one a mapPerhaps closer to the needs of a battle royale than asymmetric multiplayer needs, we can choose to play in the team of four survivors or put ourselves in command of the Canadian Devil and challenge our opponents by managing enemy units and moving like a spirit in full Remy style.

In the first case, our goal will be to collect Weapons and EquipmentFind the three parts of the map, the missing pages of the Necronomicon and the magic dagger needed to win the match. In the second case, we will be able to quickly explore the scenario, identify survivors when they are fighting, have extreme fear or move in cars, and then summon monsters and bosses after collecting the necessary energy.

Evil Dead: The Game, Lord Arthur and the Red Henry
Evil Dead: The Game, Lord Arthur and the Red Henry

During our experience, we have ventured into some missions in single player and multiplayer, but only alongside the “good guys”, whether with human companions or with bots, in an effort to rid ourselves of the inevitable Problems That traditionally accompanies launch of this type of product between sudden disconnects, glitches (some quite a lot, in fact), annoying noises and misplaced situations.

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Perhaps there is a lack of faster mode, given that the current matches vs. can last even 30 minutes It is somewhat multi-faceted due to the number of targets, many objects to find, monsters inhabiting the map and demon intervention, which will only fail to hit us when we are weaker.

Evil Dead: The Game, one of the monsters that appeared in the game
Evil Dead: The Game, one of the monsters that appeared in the game

The combat system Cautiously working when fighting alone, the left and right dorsal trigger activates a fast and heavy melee attack, allowing almost instantly a stunning finisher (the right stick is pressed on its axis), while the left trigger activates the firearm’s aim.

Unfortunately in scrum with other players the situation becomes Too messy And it’s even difficult to understand who the enemies are and who the comrades are, also thanks to the fact that the characters act as a shield and stop bullets, which makes it pointless to resort to a pistol or rifle when friends are wrestling. monsters. In general, teamwork is less fun and satisfying.

Graphics and sound

Evil Dead: The Game, Ash struggles with a dungeon
Evil Dead: The Game, Ash struggles with a dungeon

if from artistic point of view And the direction of Evil Dead: The Game does its job in a really excellent way, showing on the screen not only the atmosphere, but also the motions to which we are accustomed to the saga that Sam Raimi has created over the years, unfortunately in purely technical terms on computers, PC games leave something to be desired .

It is not clear why, but also by the appointment Graphics At 2160p with all effects max, there is a distinct feeling that the assets are rendered at a lower resolution, to the point that characters and objects appear blurry. If you then proceed to activate the DLSS, the lack of definition becomes even more apparent, already hitting the bottom with the ultra-high performance preset.

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Evil Dead: The Game, on the right the older version of Ash
Evil Dead: The Game, on the right the older version of Ash

In general, the visual effect of the game is shown dirty and datedthe animations are discreet, but also the effects are outdated and don’t help now Fixed gaming issue in Unreal Engine 4 for PC, a strong and annoying one stammer Which happens at the start of every game due to parachutes failing to preload.

little to say about soundwhich can depend on the contribution Bruce Campbell For dialogues (in English, subtitled in Italian), with his very effective lines, and well-finished sound design, he is able to recreate the atmosphere of the Evil Dead films.

Our first hours with Evil Dead: The Game were fun, but only up to a point: the many technical issues of the launch, a system that doesn’t always manage to express itself at its best, and a technical sector that the PC frankly suffers from weird flaws that contribute to making the experience somewhat exciting. , albeit with undoubted potential.


  • Very loyal to the epic
  • The combat system is working fine
  • Secret equipment even in one case


  • Few technical problems
  • Some doubts about scrum
  • Formula can tire quickly