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Evidence of man’s presence on the moon: Watch the video of the feather and the hammer

Evidence of man’s presence on the moon: Watch the video of the feather and the hammer

One of the Apollo 15 astronauts on the Moon decided to prove the validity of Galileo’s law by dropping a feather and a hammer at the same time. Here’s what happened

It’s 1971: during the Apollo 15 mission On the surface of the Moon, astronaut David Scott of NASA decided to demonstrate, in the absence of air resistance, Galileo’s experiment on gravitational acceleration (or gravity). In essence, Galileo said that in a vacuum two bodies fall to Earth With the same accelerationRegardless of their weight. Astronauts brought a feather and a hammer to the moon: watch the astronaut’s experience in the beautiful video at the end of the article.

David Scott The American flag salutes on the moon during the Apollo 15 mission. Source: NASA

Feather and Hammer: Who hits the ground first? Astronaut experience

While cAmes Irwin To capture the scene with a camera, astronaut Scott took a geological hammer weighing more than a kilo and a hawk feather (weighing about three grams). These were the last minutes of the lunar mission (the fourth) and the almost complete absence of air on the lunar surface presented a unique opportunity for science. At one point, Scott aligns the two objects at the same height and then lets them go. The two objects fall to the ground at the same time.

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Amazing, isn’t it?

Galileo was right: any material body falls to Earth with the same acceleration, regardless of its mass. Hence, it was precisely concluded that every body near the surface of the Earth is subject to an acceleration equal to about 9.81 meters per square second (scientific revolution). So here is this wonderful video (Subscribe to our YouTube channel):

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Here’s a video of the feather and the hammer on moon. Credit: NASA