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Waves of gamma rays coming from the galactic nucleus  Discovery of Mexican astrophysicists

Waves of gamma rays coming from the galactic nucleus Discovery of Mexican astrophysicists

Communication technologies, primarily the Internet, have revolutionized the world of science; In fact, the accessibility of data collected by scientists on the other side of the world has greatly accelerated the possibilities of making discoveries, and then causing a cascade of conclusions that lead to progress. Using data from the Energy Telescope, two Mexican scientists have made a startling discovery.

The beating heart of the Milky Way Galaxy

The diagrams included in Magallanes-Guijón – Mendoza’s scientific paper describe their scientific discovery

A couple of astronomersNational Autonomous University of Mexicoin Mexico City, I was able to find it through data analysis Fermi gamma ray space telescopeof regular waves of rays rangesIt emanates from an area surrounding the black hole located at the center of our galaxy. Sagittarius A*.

The two worlds, Gustavo Magallanes-Guijon And Sergio Mendozathey immediately proceeded to publish A paper Scientific paper in which they describe their discovery, published on the public server arXiv. Previous research showed the presence of a stable supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy, which it called Sagittarius A*. Unlike other supermassive black holes of its kind, Sagittarius A* Doesn’t suck Theme On the matter, It is not issued Columns of plasma As others do.

This new research led the two Mexican scientists to discover something unique In the heart of our galaxy: A Gas blobs Which revolves around it at a narrow distance, approximately the same distance between Mercury and the Sun. This gas bubble appears to be orbiting the core of the Milky Way, and appears to be moving at a distance of approx 30% of the speed of light.

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already exists 2021 Some scholars have been able to identify each other Gamma rays It reached Earth, coming directly from Sagittarius A*. Therefore, it has become known in the world of astrophysics that these radiations They didn’t come from the black hole The same, as any black hole cannot emit radiation, except from something close to it. Until now this hypothetical body was a mystery, but thanks to this new research it has become possible Find out where it comes from.

The work of these researchers relied mainly on data collected by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, and was then presented specialization generalcombined June And the December 2022. Analysis of this data led scientists to notice energy patterns, which repeat themselves periodically: each 76.32 minutesA pulse of gamma radiation emitted by Sagittarius A* reaches Earth. These pulses, again according to Magallanes-Guijon and Mendoza, could be so Connected into waves X ray Which reaches the ground in a ratio of 1:2.

In short, astronomers and astrophysicists seem to be figuring it out every day Something new in our galaxy and beyond; Who knows if this new discovery, which may seem trivial to the average person, might lead to… Many other revelations!