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European Certified Email, here's how it works and when it's mandatory

European Certified Email, here's how it works and when it's mandatory

News for those who use Beck. In 2024, certified email will give way to registered email (REM), the European PEC. It will not be necessary to establish a new General Election Commission, but it will be necessary to move the process forwardEdit title By identifying the owner's identity. Here are all the updates.


Pec was born in 2005 and has undergone almost no changes since then, but the process of adaptation to European Regulation 910/2014 – eIDAS began in January 2022. In essence the PEC will have Legal validity Among citizens of European countries. In fact, the European standard ETSI EN 319 532-4 expands its boundaries thanks to the introduction of CSI (Common Service Interface), a common technological interface that allows Secure exchange between managersThat is, between users of eligible delivery services. The new PEC allows you to verify the identity of the EU citizen who owns it as well as the integrity of the content and the date and time the message was sent and received.


To activate the procedure, it is necessary to access your authorized email address by clicking on the link in the PEC box itself using an official identification method (such as SPID, CNS or CIE) and following the instructions. Instructions provided. If the box is not set, it will not be possible to use email as a means of legal communication and there will be restrictions on accessing and viewing old approved email. We would also like to remind you that having an approved email account is essential duty For those who carry out any type of commercial or professional activity, whether at the individual or institutional level.

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European PEC

As for the European PEC, there are a few things Data Which is interesting. With the arrival of Inad, the national digital native indicator, an increase in PEC activation of 14% was recorded between June and July 2023. The figures come from the Aruba Observatory which announced that today there are already more than 3.5 million customers who have completedand European identification procedures.

From a technical point of view, European Certified Email is officially REM (Registered Email) which complies with the rules for Certified and Qualified Electronic Delivery (SERCQ) set out in the 2014 eIDAS Regulation.