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Barry, ex-councilor resigns like arrest bell.  5 Star Protected by Laforgia

Barry, ex-councilor resigns like arrest bell. 5 Star Protected by Laforgia

Barry Mystery, Manikundu Resignation and Arrest. It seems that in the Apulian capital there is someone who follows the path of the judiciary and anticipates the moves of the investigators in an attempt to prevent corruption. The last, third, to rock the Democratic Party due to electoral scandal engulfed former regional councilor Alfonso Pischio, fiercely loyal to Governor Michele Emiliano, who was president until hours before he issued the house arrest precaution. The regional RT agency, strangely, announced his resignation before the Guardia de Finanza arrested him. Time casts a shadow over the whole affair. Mauro D'Attis, deputy head of the parliamentary anti-mafia commission, said: “It's a sin to feel bad, but it's clear that Emiliano knew what was going to happen. So, someone warned him. And it's a very serious matter.”

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That's how serious the charges are against Piscicchio, who is under house arrest with his brother Enzo, two big names in the Democratic Party and the head of the Democratic Initiative for Puglia, who supported the governor in the 2020 regional elections. Pischios allegedly received 156 thousand euros in cash from companies attributed to entrepreneur Giovanni Raifoli, and also in the form of fictitious advice. Not only that. The two dems against the director of the municipality of Catania, director of the municipality of Bari Francesco and the tender commission, Gianfranco Chiarulli, allegedly rigged a contract for almost 6 million euros for the collection of Darzu-Tarres. Tari. The brothers used the money resulting from the allegedly corrupt deal to finance themselves and their centre-left political efforts. Two employees of the municipality headed by Antonio Degaro would have “returned” by hiring his wife instead, the first, the second waiting for a permanent contract for his son. Not to mention the long list of gifts she received from Enzo Pisicchio, including furniture, cell phones, and private parties.

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They are responsible for a wide range of crimes: from corruption to fraud for acts contrary to official duties, to bad access to public funds, to disturbance of freedom of bidding. Investigating judge Ilaria Casu, in the ruling, underlined that the charges against Alfonso Pisicchio relate to the period when he was a councilor of the Council of Emiliano. Administrative support on his part, with a desire to earn income on electoral consensus by employing people who have secured votes and served in his party in preferred or favored institutions. In short, another blow to the Democratic Party, a moral question and a break with the alliance with 5 Star, which is firmly committed to candidate Michael LaForgia. Laforgia himself was Piscicchio's lawyer. The day before the financial move, he spoke about rumors of imminent new arrests. A few hours later, the handcuffs came off.

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