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EU sovereigntists meet in Florence, Lega attacks: “Left stokes tensions”.  Nardella: “Provocations”.  Wilders also misses the event

EU sovereigntists meet in Florence, Lega attacks: “Left stokes tensions”. Nardella: “Provocations”. Wilders also misses the event

The European Parliamentary Group’s Conference on Identity and Democracy, scheduled for Sunday 3 December in Florence, is turning into a political showdown. Matteo Salvini, the leader of the League, will unite the entire European sovereign in the Fortessa da Paso, from the Germans of the AfD to the French of the Rassemblement Nationale. But it was the Northern League’s response that revived the internal debate […]

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Conference of the European Parliamentary Group Identity and Democracyis planned Florence Sunday, December 3, turns into a political conflict. Club President, Mateo SalviniFrom the Germans to the Fortessa da Basso would unite all European sovereignties.Afd to the French National Assembly. But it is Carusio’s response to Florence Mayor’s words that enlivens the internal debate. Dario Nardella, who asked the city to hear itself “with a beautiful initiative for Europe, peace and democracy”, protesting the “black construction site” that the League wanted. They are expected 4 processions against the event.

“Until proven otherwise, our country Democratic And with freedom of expression. We do not understand the strategy left That Raises tensions In view of the Florence event. Hope is No terrorists “Collect provocative messages from the opposition that do not lead to violent action,” charge the committee leaders of the Chamber and Senate League. Riccardo Molinari And Massimiliano Romeo. “It is a shame that the main left-wing representatives forget that many will meet in Florence European politicians They are democratically elected and are doing everything to destroy the foundation of freedom,” they added in their note.

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They sign another note Elena Manny And John ColesRegional Councilors of the League in Tuscany: “Nardella first in Florence on fire Square Fears later against Salvini. If there is a riot, we will make him responsible,” he said. The two councilors continue to speak to the mayor of Florence: “No, dear Nardella, we want to remind you that you are the first citizen, so you have a duty to do. An example For the Florentines, an unprovoked, even very secret, tumultuous fury”. “More than is supposed. wave BlackHere we are faced with a kind of tribunal, on the part of the mayor Holy Inquisition “Who should decide who is welcome in the city,” Maini and Gully conclude.

“Am I responsible for any disruptions? The club is the same stimulusAnd I ask anyone Don’t fall In their provocations, it is the general approach of the political forces they mix stimulus to do victim, we know them now. Florence is an open and democratic city, unlike them, we know how to welcome anyone, above all political opponents must be challenged by content and symbolic actions,” replied Mayor Nardella. “I call on the League not to seek Ghosts, perhaps endorsing a victim-like behavior that obviously doesn’t suit them. There will be one Democratic response And I will attend the demonstration on Sunday Democracy Network As advertised by various acronyms in the morning and I’m sure it will be Totally quiet And respect the rules”, says Nardella.

Meanwhile, Salvini has to cash in on the conference deviations of Prominent personalities. French Marine Le Pen It will only send a video message. He won the election HollandSovereign Head Geert Wilders, will not go to the event. It was his party (the Party for Freedom, Pvv), a member of the IT group along with Lega, Rassemblement National and Afd. Wilders originally announced that he would travel to Florence, but the PVV explained that it was “cancelled due to the move. engagements For the study phase of New Government“. Maybe the Dutchman will also send a video message.

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