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Etta and Alitalia: customer assistance moves to Covisian, concerns for Almaviva Contact workers employees –

Society ITA (Italian Air Transport)The new Alitalia created by ministerial decree was awarded to the company covician contract for Customer Service Department, was chosen instead of Almaviva Contact Who, through 570 positions in the Palermo office, took care of the customer service of the national airline.

At the end of the race that saw Covisian’s victory, it wasn’t long React associative signatures SLC CGIL, FISTel CISL and UILCOM UILwhich highlighted how, despite assurances in the press, The ITA did not provide for the application of the social provision for 621 workers who currently operate the Alitalia service, with Almaviva Contact in fact.

Therefore, the decision not to include the social item was retained “unacceptable” By unions that requested holding a common table To start the comparison with Newko.

In the absence of such a comparison, it would be to leave the union ITA “An element of great concern and discomfort which, if not taken into account, could easily lead to a deterioration of the situation.”

Moreover Mayor of Palermo, Lloluca Orlando, and Labor Adviser Giovanna Marano, They called on the Minister of Labor to take this situation into hand Exercising the occupational protection requirement as a matter of priority. The opinion of municipal councilors Mariana Caroña and Igor Gelada, who knew the decision of the new ITA company that ‘bad start’It’s basically the same thing.

ITA definitely picked up the baton from Alitalia, which – which From midnight on August 25, 2021, tickets for flights will no longer be sold out from October 15, 2021.

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Resolution is part of Transfer procedures for Alitalia Aviation Branch – Società Aerea Italiana SpA in exceptional management The wholly publicly owned ITA (Italy Air Transport) company. Permission to close the sale of tickets and its consequences Cessation of aviation activities It came from the Ministry of Economic Development.

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