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Canteen without green lane, outdoor meals are prohibited for many construction sites

Canteen without green lane, outdoor meals are prohibited for many construction sites

Trade unions in Panzano: ‘ridiculous situation, we work together and then have lunch divided’

Monfalcone. Before the holidays in the canteen, all together, even with safety protocols that also apply to restrooms and changing rooms, is now returned from the holiday entrance to meals only using the green aisle. Those who don’t have one eat outside with a packed lunch. For months now in many industrial engineering companies that have resumed work at full speed (where smart work is not possible), with very strict security protocols to avoid infection and above all to prevent departments and production, life is almost back to what it was before even with all precautions And safety distances including the canteen.

And returning from vacation was not at all pain-free, as factory canteens had to adopt the same rules as the city’s public establishments: Entry is prohibited for those without a green pass. You must eat outside. A situation that affects all the big businesses in the Monfalcone area, but in those first two days of reopening it looked especially startling in a reality like Fincantieri that employs thousands of employees. From what it seems the vast majority of “domestic shipyards” have not only vaccinated, but there has also been a rush to protect themselves. On the other hand, the news regarding the vaccination status of the concerned workers especially foreigners is ambiguous. And so yesterday, from the news gathered at the construction site, in the various shifts of the canteen from the first estimates (the factory has only reopened for two days, we will have to wait at least a week for a more realistic picture) they stayed outside the canteen, with lunch in The lottery, a few hundred people. Nothing has changed in Fincantieri’s safety and prevention protocols, procedures in the workplace have remained very strict to avoid infection, starting with the entrance to taking temperatures.

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But now, by law, canteens are the equivalent of restaurants and not so much Fincantieri, but the companies that contract the service, have had to adapt and check the green lane. At Fincantieri di Monfalcone as in other Italian factories. And for those who do not have one, an outdoor recreation area has been set up in Panzano, covered from the elements, and equipped for those who do not have a green lane and settle in with the same lunch you take in the canteen, but provided in a bag.

It is a situation which has caused confusion in the unions, notably Wim, Fiume, and Ulm who, before the appeal and in these days, including yesterday, participated in some meetings with management to minimize the inconvenience among the workers as far as possible. “If we have so far continued all the precautionary measures because we couldn’t continue like this – comments Andrea Holjar rsu Uilm – then this obligation under the canteen green lane ordinance left us all confused.” There is no way to vaccinate, in fact, the union pushes everyone to get vaccinated (CISL also set up a vaccination center in Monfalcone with Confindustria, but few are gone because almost all workers have already been vaccinated). But this movement of menIf it is not understood after months of recovery.

“We have already organized with the companies and above all in Fincantieri – comments CISL Secretary Giampiero Turus – and in the canteen at a table of four or six, they sit in two parts spaced and divided with plexiglass. People were very careful, and there are protocols also in the locker room or in the bathrooms. What seems absurd to us is the situation before the holidays and now. With the workers who, a little earlier, were working together and cutting the sheets, changing in the locker room and then in the canteen they could not be together. We are astonished by the government’s decision and I say I believe in vaccination. If it worked before, why not now? The thing could have been handled differently and better by the government, and not lowered from above. Now we are forced to discuss with Fincantieri to address the inconvenience and to organize the outdoor recreational spaces.”

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