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ESA cancels any reference to PS5 in the official promo -

ESA cancels any reference to PS5 in the official promo –

Within one night, ESA, the association that organizedE3 2021, Hectare Deleted silently no reference to PS5. Until Friday, in fact, the official trailer for the show published by the Entertainment Software Association had a short sequence in which you can clearly see a player holding the DualSense. In the new version, which you can find on the front of the news, this reference has been deleted, while those for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Seires X consoles remain | S and Oculus Quest.

At the moment, there are no official reasons from the European Space Agency explaining this change, but – logically – it could simply be a change related to the fact that Sony She decided not to participate in any way in this year’s fair, preferring to pursue her communication strategy independently.

If so, the choice of ESA can be understandable, and what is not understood is why this change was made to a few hours From the official inception of E3 2021, when it was known for months that Sony would not participate, as it did in 2019 and 2020. On those occasions, Sony justified its choice by saying that it did not share the vision that arrogant ESA had one that did not fit its plans.

The response from E3 was waiting, but it arrived, even if – perhaps – not as strongly as one would expect. This, in fact, is the original trailer:

I had noticed Differences Between two versions of the official E3 2021 video?

Remember, today we’ll be watching the Xbox and Bethesda conference on Twitch as part of a long marathon.

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