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Epic Games Store: The free-to-play game was officially revealed on December 30

Epic Games Store: The free-to-play game was officially revealed on December 30

Let's continue with our daily gifts Legendary Games Storea Christmas initiative greatly appreciated by the platform: from now on, it is possible to download the free video game December 30, 2023that Saints row.

As always, you have a choice Add the game to your Epic Games Store library by 5pm tomorrow. Once claimed, the title in question will be yours forever, within the digital library, without any kind of limits or additional cost. Just open the official launcher and access the free games section or download it at this is the address.

New Saints Row

Saints Row still offers some pretty cool situations

Saints Row is a reboot of the series of the same name, or a Work sand It features a large, freely explorable map full of activities to perform. In this case, the action takes place in Santo Eliso, a lively fictional town in the southwestern United States where crime is rampant and where a group of young friends embark on their illegal adventure to seize the top from scratch.

The goal of the game is to establish the Saints Corporation and become its boss, fighting against other gangs such as Los Panteros, Idols and Marshall with the support of his comrades Neenah, Kevin and Eli.

The structure of the game is close to that of the original, but the reboot offers a somewhat different and less “extreme” characterization than what we saw in the previous chapters, as well as a decidedly more advanced technical framework. You can get to know him better in our Saints Row review.