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"Has my daughter become a mother?"  It's not good to know."

“Has my daughter become a mother?” It’s not good to know.”

Dennis Bibbetton He is the protagonist in the last episode of who saw? A dispatch by Federica Sciarelli denied any possible links to the latest reports, from the words of Maria Angioni, the former prosecutor who handled the case from 2004 to 2005, to the report of Mariana, the girl who claimed she saw a woman with Denis in a gypsy camp. The guest in the studio is Pira Maggio, Denise’s mother, who has voiced much speculation about the story, the latter possibility that her daughter was alive and even a mother.

Denise Pepitone, former Prosecutor of Angione in the morning 5: “She does not know that she is looking for her, she lives quietly far from Italy”

Beira Maggio explosion

“I understand everyone’s goodwill but I invite you to be careful and calm – said Pera Maggio – let’s try not to clutter up the network, to cause anxiety. It’s not nice to hear on TV that Denis is a mother and that I’m going to be a grandmother. I ask for the respect of the parents, this cannot be met. No. That means views shouldn’t be reported, but we ask for checks first, to assess if we’re on the right track first. So we’re just creating confusion. Fortunately, we’ve taken the path of caution and secrecy, and I’d like others to respect that too”

“I’ve found it,” insists Denise Pipeton, former attorney general Angeoni. Milo Infante denies: “She is a Tunisian girl”

The woman in the picture

who saw? She found and interviewed Silvana, the woman Mariana referred to in the description. He is Macedonian and has been living in Italy for many years and has denied any involvement. I didn’t believe it until I saw the photo on Facebook. I mean, I’m not that lady, and I have nothing to do with this story. Now I’m ashamed to go out, who knows what people think, that’s not me. I have marks on my forehead for 35 years, in that photo there are no marks.”

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Denise Pepeton, Pera Maggio’s comment on the girl’s photo with her daughter: ‘We’re not used to it’