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Empoli's victory in return against Udinese in the first postponement of the 16th match of the Italian Serie A 2021-2022 - OA Sport

Empoli’s victory in return against Udinese in the first postponement of the 16th match of the Italian Serie A 2021-2022 – OA Sport

An important victory for Empoli in the dusk-tipped postponement of the 16th day of the Serie A Serie A 2021-2022 day. Tuscans beat Udinese 3-1, established an impressive second half and took himself 11th in the standings with 23 points, while Udinese remained 14th at 16.

The first dangerous thing at the start are the hosts, with a superb low shot from Zurkovsky blocked by Silvestri. Then, in the 19th minute, Cotron, when developing a free kick, still frightened the opposing goalkeeper. NS.But minutes later, Udinese scored a goal with Deulofeu, who took advantage of 1-Two with Success and beat Vicario with his right foot, scoring the fourth goal of the season. In the last 10 minutes, chances followed each other, with the Bianconeri having the biggest chance with Udogie throwing Vicario who didn’t catch the ball from Success’s cross.

When the match resumes, Stojanovic takes four minutes to equalize the ball given by Ritchie: the left is accurate in the bottom corner, 1-1. Udinese still risks doubling the success. Vicario is beaten, Viti is not: rescue is at stake. The first changes to the guests, But in the 59th minute, Bajrami arrived to turn the score on a real loose ball. Despite the problems of Viti, who is replaced by Romagnoli, Empoli continues to pay and eventually, In the 78th minute, he also got the third goal with Pinamonti, who received Bagrami’s low cross and right cross passes.. He’s also the crossbar that’s taken three turns later, but he’s actually a great protagonist of the final that made the host’s defense suffer over and over again.

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The day would end with a match between Cagliari and Torino, one of whom called for an effort to get out of the very murky waters, and the other able to approach the middle of the table if there were three points.

Empoli Udinese 3-1 (0-1)

Goal: Deulofeu (United) 22 points, Stojanovic (ground) 49 points, Bagrami (ground) 59 points, Pinamonte (H) 78 points

Empoli (4-3-1-2): vice ; Stojanovic, Tonelli, Viti (from 66′ Romagnoli), Baresi; Haas (from 82′ Luperto), Ricci (from 72′ Stulac), Zurkowski (from 81′ Bandinelli); Bajrami (from 82′ Henderson); Cutron, Pinamonte. Andrisoli flocks

Udinese (4-4-2): Silvestri, Perez (from 79′ Samardzic), De Maio, Samir (from 55′ Nuytinck), Udogie; Soppy (from 55′ Jajalo), Arslan (from 65′ Pussetto), Makengo, Deulofeu; Success (from 79′ Nestorovsky), Peto. Goti flocks

Photo: La Presse