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Ellie Schlein, Behind Her Secret Vacations

Ellie Schlein, Behind Her Secret Vacations

that between Eli Shlain and the vacation It’s a very complicated relationship. Or at least since he decided to have a prominent public role. More attentive readers will remember that already in April, immediately after her surprise election as chair of the Democratic Party, her choice to take a vacation sparked a panic “because I’m tired and I need to recharge my batteries.” The decision unleashed a torrent of controversies, all (or almost all) of the left. A kind of “friendly fire”, with “caciques and club heads” (cit.
Ely) was startled to wonder what line the party would have taken under the new leadership.

Perhaps given those criticisms, this summer Elle seemed to have made an entirely different choice. It was in June when the Democratic Party leader told reporters: “My vacation? I don’t know” and launched the PDP’s “militant summer.” And only a few days earlier, on August 3, while politics were commenting on the dinners and feasts of other leaders, the relentless Minister for Democracy, in taking up her fight over the minimum wage, made it clear to the government that she had decided Debate postponed in September, that “poverty does not go on vacation.”
Meanwhile Ellie must have changed her mind again. For if “poverty did not go on vacation,” she, who is certainly not poor, left instead. To where? puzzle. No one knows, and it seems like she revealed it to very few people.

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It remains to understand why. Someone says that a Democratic leader has left for her beloved Switzerland, her home country, and that she doesn’t want to disclose it because vacations don’t exactly exist for the size of the minimum wage. Others believe that she retires to a private place always for the sake of big wallets. Either way, let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be a mistake. Everyone takes their holidays wherever they want and with whom they want and spend as they see fit, without anyone doing the math in their own pocket. This is why we struggle to understand why Schlein would want to keep her vacation spot a secret. As if he had who knows what to hide. Perhaps the precaution lies in the awareness that the left carried out more than one electoral campaign to criticize the holidays and the behavior of others. Matteo Salvini knows it all too well, first targeted for his days on the beach in Papeete, then because he showed up in a bathing suit on the beach … Or repeatedly criticizing Giorgia Meloni for choosing to take her daughter with her on official trips. And given that discontent with the minister is growing more and more within the Democratic Party, Ellie must have thought a little wisdom wouldn’t hurt…

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