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Elisa de Baneques, thong in front: Everyone was amazed

If you thought you saw Elisa De Panicis in a hot issue in her latest post, then most likely you haven’t seen yet what she decided to post in the last few hours. Something that undoubtedly left everyone speechless.

Keep leaving us speechless. Also because, having seen her masterpieces so carefully, we don’t really know what to say except to stand up and congratulate her for all that she gives us on social networks. The last post really has something incredible and it’s really worth it. If you don’t believe us, we challenge you to stay here with us to see his amazing artwork to say the least.

Elisa de Baneques (Instagram screenshot)

Elisa de Baneques, Women’s Masterpiece: What a Structure

There are times when we need to talk and discuss, while others need religious silence. Just as the Spanish singer decided to do, who left us stunned and unable to speak. As noted by her followers, the Spanish singer is very active on social networks and rarely causes disappointments. In fact, to tell the truth, we don’t ever remember a photo we didn’t like or anything like that. When we talk about it we are really another dimension. His picture brings together an infinite and important amount ofSuch asThis certainly cannot go unnoticed. The same goes for the comments flowing into his post. It’s just endorsements, on the other hand it couldn’t be otherwise. What you will really see is something that is neither in heaven nor on earth. A close-up shot in which you can see, with good evidence, in addition to his extraordinary body also the thong that really deserves a separate article. Now, however, no more chatter as we arrived at the moment you all have been waiting for.

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Elisa de Paneques, incredible build: the eye falls there – photo

Elisa de Baneques (screenshot YouTube video)

What world would it be without Elisa de Paneques? In fact we don’t know and we don’t even want to imagine him because ever since we first saw him he has arrogantly entered our hearts and never came out.

A picture that needs no comment at all but is noted with great interest. Exceptional physique, a “top” thong for sure then…nothing else because we (at least we) were completely paralyzed.