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Belarus, 14 years old to former candidate Victor Papariko – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – MOSCOW, July 06 – The Supreme Court of Belarus has sentenced former President of Belgazprombank and former presidential candidate Victor Papariko to 14 years in prison. Announcer Dozhd reported it. He was one of Alexander Lukashenko’s opponents in the elections and the first to be judged.

Paparico was accused of laundering criminally obtained money and taking a huge bribe. According to the investigation, the head of Belgazprombank Paparico “created an organized group among his deputies” to take bribes from businessmen. The total amount of bribes will amount to about 30.5 million Belarusian rubles (more than 11.5 million dollars). The banker’s defense sees his case as politically motivated. Papariko ran last year for the presidency of Belarus, and, according to unofficial polls, he was considered the main competitor to the current president, Alexander Lukashenko.

Shortly after announcing their participation in the presidential campaign, Paparico and her son were arrested and then placed in a KGB detention center. The Electoral Commission did not allow him to participate in the elections, citing a letter from the State Control Commission about Paparico’s alleged illegal activities and his illegally obtained income. (handle).

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