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Documentation, technical report and helpful advice

Documentation, technical report and helpful advice

What needs to be done to get the 75% discount offered by the Architectural Barriers Bonus? According to the guide prepared by the National Federation of Metal Structural Industries for Casing, Doors and Windows, there are some documents that must necessarily be kept and presented: Let’s see all the tips together!

I posted a real one Guide Visualize and edit itunicmi, National Federation of the Window and Casing Metal Structural Industries – to give helpful advice, Information And directione On the ways to follow in order to get one outage It equals 75% to Bonus architectural barriers.

starting from documents that must necessarily be saved And introduce yourself in phase to request, Let’s see in detail what are the recommendations in the manual.

Barrier Bonus: Technical report required

75% barrier bonus: documents, technical report and helpful advice

First of all, those who would like to get access to Bonus architectural barriers To get the most out of outage that can be awarded, they will have to prepare one Technical report – Duly prepared and signed by A professional From the sector – where property changes are reported, with a comparison between before and the after It highlights the improvements made to the structure.

Barrier Bonus: Documents to be kept

75% barrier bonus: documents, technical report and helpful advice

As stipulated in the indications given in the decree, it will be necessary, along with tax billsAnd Memorizes There is, too documentation Certification of compliance with the points contained in the Ministerial Decree of Public Works n. 286/89.

In the case of checks, it would be appropriate to show enough documentation which shall be completed in accordance with Careers done.

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Barrier Reward: Photographic Evidence

75% barrier bonus: documents, technical report and helpful advice

In addition to Technical report Which must be requested from the professional, in addition to tax receipts and documentation from Memorizes, We must also remember that, in order to evaluate architectural barriers who are already coming Excluded, will be required Photographic documentation to attach.

the pictures affiliatemotionless – with the architectural barriers The present and the result of the interventions, measurements and technical drawings that were useful in defining the project, are all useful documents in order to obtain facilitation and proof of the quality of work performed.

Reward Barriers: Show results

All interventions carried out on the property with a goal exclude the architectural barriers It should appear correctly. In favor of the work done, therefore, it may be necessary to bring it Lab testsTests “on site using a dynamometer”.