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Disaster for this model: After the recall, the car had more problems

Disaster for this model: After the recall, the car had more problems

A car produced by a well-known car manufacturer has been recalled: the danger seems real

Possibility of recall This is always a concern for car manufacturers Who, in these cases, are forced by the competent authorities to return the affected vehicles to help repair the possible defect/abnormality found. Of course this is a rare occurrence, but even with all the controls in place today, it happens that a brand encounters this situation.

A recall campaign is underway for this car –

Even a giant like an American Chrysler, a manufacturer associated with the Stellantis group which also includes our own Fiat, is not immune to these circumstances. For some time now, one model in particular has been at the center of attention of the body that protects automobile safety in the USA. The recall is now official because the risk present is significant.

The recall in question – according to the Carscope website – concerns 16,000 cars that must be examined immediately to verify whether the existing defect could lead to something that could harm the safety of workers.

Chrysler recall in the United States of America

We're talking about Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, a pickup truck with a combustion engine combined with an electric propulsion system which – according to the US safety agency NHTSA that manages these cases – would have a high risk of fire. So high that 16,741 units could not be recalled for additional checks to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

The vehicle in question is a high-end multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), and the final configuration under the magnifying glass is equipped with a 287-horsepower hybrid engine that may not be as reliable as it seems. At $89,000, the car certainly can't live with this drawback. Hence the interesting reference A significant amount of samples.

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I remember the problem I had with the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
Chrysler Pacifica undergoes recall –

The affected models have already been recalled with notice to owners. The NHTSA, the press release states, warns against this maybe “thermal events” It is associated with the presence of high-voltage batteries that can overheat, the latter possibility potentially resulting in a fire. At the moment, no cases of this kind have occurred and we hope that with this intervention, which is obviously being administered free of charge by the company, the risks will be completely eliminated.

In October 2022, Chrysler announced after the previous Pacifica recall that it had developed a software solution to detect unusual thermal activity in the vehicle. Clearly, this intervention was not sufficient, and a subsequent recall campaign is now underway.