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Digital Earth, still problems after the closure: Rai channels are gone

Digital Earth, still problems after the closure: Rai channels are gone

after Problems after switching to MPEG-4 For digital land, which has been added to the one that we have talked about in the past few hours and which has irritated many users.

Specifically, the New reports appeared on the network mainly related to the Veneto regionRai channels mysteriously disappeared after the activation of the new encoding: in fact, citizens will not be able to connect Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3, Rai News 24, Rai 3 and TGR. This adds to the problems with local channels, which completely disappeared from the screens as we were able to report.

Apparently me Problems may affect both HD and SD versions State TV channels: Unlike in other parts of the country, in fact, even if you try to call 501, for example, you can’t watch Rai 1 SD as well as Rai Regional TGR of Veneto (here we explain How to set the correct TGR Rai in your area).

According to reports from TVDigitalDivide, angry users are shutting down the ministry’s keyboards to ask for clarification, and the response they received is that This is Ray’s problem. The solutions recommended by the autoresponder include forwarding the antenna and checking your system with MPEG-4, but as we said above, the issues also affect MPEG-2 channels.

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