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“Didn't stop the game”

“Didn't stop the game”

Corrado Barazzotti He knows all too well the feelings a tennis player can feel when he learns he has been wronged. As happened to him US Open 1977, when Jimmy Connors He invaded his own part of the field to erase a signal that would have caused him to lose an important point at a sensitive stage of the match. Yannick Siner He first saw the chair referee and then the semi-final referee with Stefanos Tsitsipas Make a serious mistake.

The Greek committed a clear double fault in the double ball awarded to his opponent in the third set, but the South Tyrol player did not stop and lost the exchange and ultimately the match. A match that would certainly have told a different story had the double fault been flagged.

Barazzotti and the mistake that caused damage to Jannik Sinner: “It did not stop the match.”

“Connors? It was a different situation than Sinner in Monte Carlo. During the exchange, he threw a backhand out, and it was clearly out and the line judge didn't see it.

I did not continue the exchange and called the referee to check. Sadly, Jimmy came to my side of the field and cleared the sign by running over it. I was amazed, but there was no point in wasting energy.

“In this case Yannick did not stop the match, and unfortunately if the exchange continues, it will not be possible to call the referee and check the sign,” Barazotti explained in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“In the excitement of the match, he did not have the sporting certainty that the Greek's serve had been served. Strangely enough, not even the chair umpire saw that. Perhaps neither of them was sure of it. The reaction? He would not have gotten any. Reason Up for debate if he hasn't stopped the game.

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These are things that can happen. Yannick is a mature player and has a personality that does not lead to overreactions. This does not mean that he is obedient, he is always a great fighter on the field. Next time – if he had doubts – he would stop. You grow and learn how to handle every situation. Yannick is a great champion.”