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Desperate Italian motorists: they will all shut down | Protests begin and troubles begin

There is news that will not please the majority of Italian motorists. The terrible lockdown is coming for at least three days, which will put a lot of people traveling by car in a difficult situation.

to me motorists The Italians are certainly not a simple antiquity and luck. Those who tend to travel by car or their own vehicle for work and private business have recently seen rising prices and tariffs, especially in fuel.

More bad news for Italian motorists –

a 2022 Which seems to never end, at least in terms of difficulties and obstacles. The latest news regarding motorists in our country concerns precisely a problem caused by a real protest.

In fact, highway commuters would leave camels for three full days without the possibility of refueling with petrol or diesel at service areas on the motorway network. Starting at 10:00 pm on Tuesday, December 13, a 72-hour strike begins at gas stations.

72-hour strike at petrol stations on the highway: reasons

The main reasons for this He hits In mid-December, which will certainly lead to problems and inconveniences for motorists and transport workers, is related to the much-contested text in the draft. Ministerial decree that have circulated since the last days of the last legislature.

fuel pump
Petrol pump – Mondofuoristrada

Antonino LucchesiPresident Fib Autostrad explained in detail the reasons for the strike:A new ordinance on highway concessions is badly needed. On August 7, 2020, the previous decree on privileges, which was not then renewed due to the pandemic, expired, effectively freezing all assignments. It will be an important decree because it will validate the way competitions and new rules will be conducted. Only by discovering this will we be able to understand whether we will survive or not.”.

Another thorny issue is costs InvoicesSpecifically for petrol pumps: “Now the bills strike has also arrived, It went from €2,200 a month to €9,000. We’ve had to stay open even during a pandemic, when no one could spread out. Government aid arrived, but could not equalize the losses. Finally, there is also the issue of electric shift and how it will be managed: we are asking to become Mobility Managers, Supplying liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline and electricity“.

As mentioned, the strike was called for 72 hours, starting at 10pm on 13 December. But This protest may end even before three daysIf the signals of openness from the government reach requests from gas stations. All service areas that dispense fuel on Italian motorways will remain closed, while those that coexist with refreshment areas will always be open.

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