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"I'm back to Catholicism."  Vladimir Luxoria's confession

“I’m back to Catholicism.” Vladimir Luxoria’s confession

To express her return to Mass, she chose broadcasting. The amazing profession of faith Vladimir Luxury In fact, it happened on TV. During today’s episode of “Bella Mà”, a program featured on Rai2, the former parliamentarian spoke about himself and his own developments, even going so far as to witness a new relationship with spirituality. “I came back to be catholic. I came back to being the daughter of God, because God welcomes everyone and everyoneThe artist and LGBT icon said, explaining that he learned certain lessons from the tragic late Don Andrea Galloa Genoese priest with very progressive attitudes.

Don Gallo convinced me

Don Gallo has always berated me for abandoning the Church. I didn’t feel like I cared gender identityThen he convinced me that I should not close my faith in GodLuxoria, which in the past has not escaped criticism from the Church, confirmed some of its stances on civil unions. Now, the former MP stated that she found a balance in this sense and that she felt Approved From the same environment that once seemed mistrustful.

“In the church I felt welcome”

I resumed going to Mass, going to confession and receiving Communion. I was afraid to find a file hostile environment For my battles and the critical positions taken by the Church on some issues. But I must say the truth: I found a welcoming environment, people are available and happy to see me at Mass. Even the priests I had to deal with, they always kept me open doorsLuxuria emphasized Rai2, thereby denying the image of the extremist and anti-gay church suggested by some rainbow cut. “Perhaps I was also fortunate to have met the Hello Priests“, he added.

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Anti-gender words of Pope Francis

Of course, on some issues, the former deputy still has to deal with visions that are completely different from her own. In the days, for example, the same Pope Francesco He uttered somewhat outspoken words against gender ideology and in defense of the so-called traditional family. “The family consists of a man and a woman who love and create each other. To understand the family, we must always go to the tangible. Ideologies subvert, interfere, and pave the way for destructionBergoglio said during a meeting at the Vatican.